Academic activities of Dhaka Imperial College are run on its permanent campus. Now total floor space of this six storied modern building is 70,000 square feet. Total no. of classrooms-47. Each room accommodates 60 students. There are four modern well equipped laboratories i. e Physics, Chemistry, Biology & ICT measuring 4,200 square feet. Each laboratory covers an area of 1,050 square feet along with the Library having a very spacious space of 2,000 square feet. Students enjoy the facilities of wide corridor in all floors having three stairs directed to the East corner, the West corner and the middle part of the building. There are provisions for two passenger lifts which will be installed very soon.

Room location and use of room is as follows:

Room location Room No. Class room/  Office
Ground Floor 103, 104 & 107 Class Room
101 Tuition fee collection centre and Edu-Smart Office.
102 Office-Teacher-in-Charge (Academic)
106 Office-Controller Examination
108 Office-Accounts, Admission, Registration etc.
109 Office of the Principal
110 Office-Teacher-in-Charge (Administration)
Room location Room No. Class room/  Office
First Floor 202, 203, 206-211, 214, 215 Class Room
204 Department of Statistics and Economics
205 Prayer Room
212 Department of Mathematics
213 Department of Physics
216 Office of the Vice Principal
Room location Room No. Class room/  Office
Second Floor 301-316 Class Room
302 Class Room
304 Department of Marketing
305 Department of English
312 Department of Bangla
313 Department of Biology
Room location Room No. Class room/Office
Third Floor 401-411,414-416 Class Room
405 Teachers’ Room
412 Girls’ Common Room
413 Humanities Department (Department of Philosophy,Psychology and Sociology)
Room location Room No. Class room/  Office
Fourth Floor 512 Department of Chemistry
513 Department of Geography
514 Chemistry Lab
515 Biology Lab
516 Physics Lab
517 ICT Lab
518 Library
519 Teachers’ Room
Room location Room No. Class room/  Office
Fifth Floor 601-603, 606-610, 615, 616 Class Room
605 Teachers’ Room
611 Department of Management
614 Department of ICT